Bringing together progressive Americans, progressive Israelis and progressive Palestinians to make all three societies better.

What is Heart of a Nation?

We are Americans, Israelis, and Palestinians building relationships across diverse backgrounds to learn, think, and work together to advance progressive solutions to issues of mutual concern.

As Heart of a Nation uses the term, progressives are those who believe that societal conditions can always be improved, who seek to improve them by organizing and influencing others, and whose impact on popular culture and the next generation is often a precursor to greater political influence.

We believe that America, Israel, and Palestine are works in progress and have common aspirations and challenges; that with the right combination of good will, resources, and effort, each of these societies can progress toward greater justice, equality, and compassion; that channeling dissatisfaction with the status quo can make these nations better, stronger, and more compassionate; that progressives who are committed to these objectives can learn from, and will accomplish more by, working together; and that greater progress is achieved by bettering, not battering, nations we love.

We work to bring progressives from all three societies into a forward-facing community of purpose, by validating their commitment to fix what’s broken; to encourage and enable collective effort on specific issues and causes; to reduce inter-communal friction, skepticism, and hostility; to strengthen both bridging and bonding social capital; and to facilitate opportunities for cross-cultural cooperation, problem-solving, and contributing toward the common good.

Our success will be measured by the number of progressive causes we amplify; by the adoption of our credo among key thought leaders, activists, and policy-makers; by the number, quality and depth of personal connections made between and among progressive leaders in all three societies; and by the extent to which progressive young people are drawn into our efforts.

Strategic Impact

In the final analysis, we will be judged not by our activities, but by our accomplishments. By doing the work described above, Heart of a Nation aims for the following strategic impact:

Progressive opinion leaders and activists in the U.S., Israel and Palestine see each other as friends and allies, trading best practices, and inspired by each other’s successes.

Jewish and non-Jewish progressives (especially Democratic Party activists and young people) are inspired to develop working relationships with Israeli and Palestinian progressives driven by a commitment to make all three societies better.

Positive change is happening in all three societies; fear, hostility, and suspicion among them is subsiding.

Jonathan Kessler, Founder/CEO

מה זה HEART OF A NATION "ליבה של אומה"?

אנחנו אמריקאים, ישראלים ופלסטינים אשר בונים ויוצרים קשרים במגמה ללמוד, לחשוב ולעבוד יחד כדי לקדם פתרונות פרוגרסיביים בנושאים החשובים המשותפים לכולנו

נושאים אלה כוללים: צדק חברתי וכלכלי, שוויון מגדרי וגזעי, חיזוק החברה האזרחית, הגנה על מוסדות דמוקרטיים, טיפול במהגרים ומבקשי מקלט, מלחמה באפליה ודיכוי בקרב העמים וכן המרדף הנמרץ למען השלום.

אנו עושים זאת על ידי חיבור הערכים המשותפים, איחוד מאבקים, ויצירת תוכן בשיתוף פעולה להפצה באמצעות מנהיגים ופעילים המחפשים להשפיע על עתיד העמים היקרים לנו.

למידע נוסף -

מעוניינים להצטרף?

ما هو HEART OF A NATION "قلب أمة"؟

نحن أمريكيون وإسرائيليون وفلسطينيون نبني ونكوّن روابط من أجل التعلم والتفكير والمشاركة معًا حتى نشجع الحلول التقدمية بشأن القضايا التي تهمنا جميعًا.

هذه القضايا معقدة: العدالة الاجتماعية والاقتصادية، والمساواة بين الجنسين والعنصرية، وتعزيز المجتمع المدني، وحماية المؤسسات الديمقراطية، ومعاملة المهاجرين وطالبي اللجوء، ومكافحة التمييز والاضطهاد بين الشعوب والسعي الحثيث إلى السلام.

نحن نقوم بذلك بواسطة، ربط القيم المشتركة، وتوحيد النضالات، وإنشاء محتوى بشكل تعاوني لتوزيعه بواسطة القادة والنشطاء الذين يسعون للتأثير على مستقبل شعوبنا.

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مهتم بالانضمام؟


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“We must change almost everything in our current societies.” – Greta Thunberg

“It's good to be pissed off because you're not satisfied with the world as it is.” – Dr. Michio Kaku

“It’s like family – you love them, and also feel the most critical toward them.” – Natalie Portman

“We are breaking the barriers that the conflict has created within peoples.” – Rawan Odeh

“We should better not batter the nations we love.” – Brian Jaffee

“The best response to what’s wrong is to figure out how to do things better.” – Karen Brunwasser

“Our coexistence must not be through denial or separation.” – Yousef Bashir

“The aspiration to do better is what unites us.” – A’shanti Gholar

“Has Israel fulfilled its prophetic aspirations? Not yet.” – David Ben-Gurion